Unique Architecture & Atmosphere

The architectural

The architectural challenge involves:

creating a new identity at the site with an international
dimension whilst maintaining the coherence and diversity of all
buildings without conflicting with the stunning architecture of
the TGV rail station.

The future Terminal 1 will be a new element at the airport site which will fundamentally change its appearance:

due to its location, clearly identifiable when arriving at the site,
and to its size: 70,000 m² over 3 levels.

Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

The architectural design is the work of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP).
The RSHP agency has confirmed experience in the airport sector:

  • London Heathrow Terminal 5 (2008, 415,000 m²)
  • Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 (2005, 158,000 m²)
  • Geneva airport, east wing (in progress, 40,000 m²)
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 3 (ongoing, 640,000 m²)

Richard Rogers was awarded the Pritzker prize in 2007.

A strong identity that blends naturally into its environment

Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1
Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1 Aéroport de Lyon - Terminal 1

A main building, 16 metres high of circular design simple, compact
and elegant
large and bright spaces,
entirely transparent

The project is a reinterpretation of the existing structure of which the design is echoed in the use of sloping facades and the choice of an expressive outer structure representing the relation between the airport’s current charcoal-grey metal structure and concrete.

A roof garden with a terrace can be seen by passengers boarding and disembarking on the upper level.
The central hub maintains rich and varied horizontal and vertical perspectives using the effects of cross-through spaces and natural lighting from the centre of the building.

The Architects' presentation:

The solution we offer both anticipates a coherent relation with the existing building and the
flexibility required to contend with future airport developments and changes. It provides for
the implementation of a long-term global vision.

We offer passengers a memorable and pleasant experience that embraces the fun
of travel and the exciting lure of faraway places.
Travelling in and out of Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport will be an event to look forward to in itself. The project creates a building with a clear identity that is architecturally simple and coherent, a new gateway to the City and its Region. It prescribes and requalifies the airport’s organisation and is a natural extension to the existing infrastructure.

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The passenger

Atmosphere is the buzz word for the design. The idea is for the architecture to create a feeling of comfort and well-being to ensure that passengers are very satisfied. To ensure that all passengers have a positive experience at the airport, we have defined 5 fundamental atmosphere principles to help us in our design and interior furnishing choices.

We want to make Lyon-Saint Exupéry
the most « beautiful place between
the earth and the sky »

A modern, elegant and timeless style, which makes the most of natural daylight, preserves space and highlights the functional and structural elements. An international, high-tech style for passengers.

Everything is designed with
your comfort in mind

We are designing a terminal with the best in comfort and meticulous attention to detail.

Cleanliness is key. Our equipment is durable.

We want to make the airport
a real hub of activity

A destination in its own right. Not only a place to move around in, but also an area where you can enjoy yourself, socialise and talk to people. A unique atmosphere in tune with the region, which is a mix of shopping, culture and leisure. Green areas and nature for a breath of fresh air. An airport on a human scale.

It is important that our passengers
find their bearings quickly

Intuitive direction, smooth progression with maximum efficiency, optimum management of traffic flows, no visual pollution.

Our passengers’ time
is precisous

The right time for leisure time, we do our utmost to enable you to spend your time at the airport as you wish.

Innovative systems, clear and dynamic information at all journey stages (car park availability, travel time and baggage delivery).