Organisation The teams

Those at the heart
of the project

This project mobilises a multitude of employees and companies, in addition to a wide variety of skills and professions.

Project owner

Aéroports de Lyon Project Owner

Ingerop Project owner
technical assistant

Apave Health, safety and prevention
technical controller

Behi HEQ® project
owner assistant

Entreprise en construction


RSH+P Architect design

Chabanne + Partners Implementation architect

Indiggo HEQ® design office

Cap Ingelec Electrical design office

TPS-WSP Fluids design office

Bureaux d’études


Bouygues Batiment Sud Est Authorised representative

Bouygues Energy & services

Bouygues Batiment Grand Ouest Construction


Project owner
Aéroports de Lyon:

A team comprising approximately 50 employees.

Design and construction
GFC grouping :

A management team of approximately
50 people.
300 partners to achieve this.


Around a hundred companies.

Focus on five key contributors

Guilhem piat Project Manager - Aéroports de Lyon

Mylène Leuly Operations Manager - Aéroports de Lyon

Lucie Cognet Project Owner Technical Assistant - INGEROP Conseil et Ingénierie

Jean-Alix Clément Project / Works Manager - GFC construction (Bouygues group)

Graham Stirk Design Architect - Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners

Guilhem piat Mylène Leuly Lucie Cognet Jean-Alix Clément Graham Stirk

As the person in charge of Project Management, I am responsible for the operation's content, cost and deadlines, from the expression of the requirement to the acceptance of the terminal and its opening.

I ensure the quality of the design and that the work runs smoothly, and I look after the financial management of the project, in keeping with health, safety and environmental requirements. I coordinate the studies and validations with the various airport departments and external contacts.

I coordinate the design studies that affect the operation of the terminal and manage the strategic studies, especially as regards capacity and airport resources.

During the construction work, I make sure operational performance is maintained, whether processing passengers and their luggage or handling aircraft.

I am the contact person for our airline partners, government agencies, handling agents and security provider.

As the project owner's partner, my role is to support Aéroports de Lyon to ensure the smooth running of the project. To do so, I am in charge of leading operations, namely the organisation, management, coordination of contributors, and the administrative and financial management of the project.

I advise, I notify and I help to make decisions using my technical skills in the construction industry.

I am responsible for the entire operation for the design-build consortium.

I manage the organisational structure of the work site and plan the work of the teams. I validate the actions of the members of the consortium involved in the project. I ensure the contract with the Project Owner is implemented properly. I am responsible for deadlines and the quality of the works undertaken by my teams.

I manage the team of architects responsible for the overall town planning and architecture of all the works undertaken.

I handle the project design taking into account its technical and functional specificities.

Our architect firm has a wealth of experience in international airport design projects. Our portfolio includes terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport and terminal 4 at Madrid airport.